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In the field of Corporate and Commercial Law, it consists drafting and reviewing contracts that protect the company’s rights and ultimately prevent mishaps from occurring during procedures. Advice and Agreements are a necessity in the corporate world.

We have advised many major corporations on legal issues relating to their businesses. Our team of lawyers specialize in reviewing, drafting and amending contracts for corporate purposes such as Distribution Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Agency Agreements, Copyright & Trademark Agreements, Joint Ventures and Terms, Conditions of Sale and many more different types of Corporate Agreements.

The establishment and performance of a company are dependent on the corporate setup and structuring. The RAS Law Firm has a highly trained and well-equipped team that ensures that, establishing a company is a simple and uncomplicated process with no time-consuming obstacles. Our team will not only assist you with the setup, but also provides strategies, expert guidance, and strategic direction in order to efficiently minimize costs. The RAS Law Firm will act as your partner to ensure the best possible service in order to achieve a successful and victorious business of any nature.

Corporate Law includes the formation of a company, its license and disengagement or partnerships and disputes in relation to this matter, as well as the termination, liquidation and dissolution of a company.

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