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Our Property and Real Estate Attorneys are committed to serving people in, Property Disputes, Real Estate Disputes, Property Buying & Selling, and more. Our experts are well aware of local Property and Real Estate Laws belong to any kind of property e.g. Residential or Commercial. The real Estate Market of UAE is one of the biggest markets in the world, therefore, it needs highly skilled and expert attorneys who could understand it and resolve the disputes professionally. Our expertise is offered for Property Purchase, Disputes, transfers, leasing, drafting the documents, cases inland departments, establish and licensing real estate businesses, land development, and much more. Our property lawyer defends you, provides advice, and helps you to resolve the disputes. We analyze the situation better than the tenant or landlord and defend the matter as per UAE law.

Law factor cannot be ignored here because UAE is very much mature and developed market where we are bound to work as per UAE law with proper documentation and witnesses. Our expert property and real estate lawyer keep each and every moment on the record for convenience in the future. Obviously when you make a deal, then it has to be finished in the future, and there must be a record-keeping process to make the things in your favor as witnesses.

As we know that nothing is safe from disputes whether it is an interest or a commodity. The Same phenomenon happens with Property and Land too. It might be an apartment, building, home, suites, and land of both types, commercial and residential. The creditor has to receive money while the debtor is not willing to pay, or has fled. Selling or buying is not done properly by revealing all the details of property or someone has breached the tenancy contract clauses, all these matters come under property disputes. UAE, where more than 70% people of the total population are expats, cannot be excluded from this dispute, therefore, the importance of property and real estate lawyers in UAE is much higher. One more thing which we should not ignore that is insurance issues. Insurance issues of properties are always connected with banks and financial institutions, where many documentations and technicalities are involved which can only be managed by a property lawyer indeed in UAE.

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