Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual property rights are necessary for every business to protect its products and services. Over the years with growth in technology especially copying and counterfeiting of products have become easier leading to the loss in revenues and quality. We specialize in providing legal services for the protection of intellectual assets.

Our lawyers help our clients during the search phase of trademarks and artwork, getting them registered with authorities by drafting applications for patents, trademarks, copyrights, afterwards patent mapping, translations, oral proceedings, oppositions and appeals, counterfeits and cross-border actions, setting up IP contracts for domains, patents, artworks, software so that they are able to get maximum out of their intellectual assets.

We work with our clients to develop and manage full patent portfolios, representing clients who are demanding IP rights and international brands with global outreach in designing IP related contracts which include amicable and co-existence agreements, IP sales/purchase, R&D agreements, licensing, disclaimers, non-disclosure agreements.

Our Lawyers advise them on a wide range of issues from pricing, governance, and performance, obtaining restraint and relief orders from courts, getting government bodies to destroy counterfeited items.

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