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Being part of a reputed Law Firm, our Divorce Lawyers, fully understand the sensitivity of domestic matters. We provide the Family Law services with this assurance that your information will be kept confidential at any cost. Our Lawyers servicing in UAE, assist and help people in resolving and managing their Family Disputes amicably or by taking legal action. Our expertise covers all the areas of Family Law in UAE e.g. We have top Emirati Family Lawyers practicing in UAE. Our Emirati Lawyers are highly dedicated, responsible, and believe in the highest level of confidentiality.

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Marriage
  • Child Adoption
  • Property Inheritance
  • Surrogacy
  • Alimony and more.

Detail & Comprehensive Assessment

We provide you with a detailed & comprehensive assessment of your case. Our Family Lawyers are expert enough to deal with Marriage regarding matters as per every religion and custom. Mediation, Arbitration, and Amicable settlement is our first priority for Separation & Child Custody but if the matter is not resolved mutually on amicable grounds, then we provide a great value to Family Law Services with reliability and trust. Our Family Lawyers in Dubai adopt a legal process that is smooth and acceptable for both parties without exploiting either party or causing damages to either party.
It has already been decided and implemented on the federal level that from marriage, divorce to inheritance, everything will be or can be decided without using their Sharia Law if the applicants request not to use Sharia Law if they are not Muslims. If they prefer to use Sharia Law, then Sharia Law will be used. The absence of law will also implement the Sharia Law. Such things must be in the knowledge of Family Lawyers and our Family Law Advocates are considered the best Lawyers in UAE for research and development purposes.
Therefore, when people meet us in Legal Consultation or Legal Counselling Sessions, then we spend the maximum time as much as we could, to understand the matter completely and to convey the matter completely to our client. For Example, if a 3-year baby girl’s custody, her father wants to win, then chances are not bright. Neither Sharia Law nor any other law supports the custody of a KID in this age. For Example, usually, the boy of age up to 11, and the girl of age up to 13, would be given to, mother in a custody case. There are few conditions where the father might win custody. But the first right is by the mother.

UAE Family Law, Marriage, Divorce, Rules & RAS law firm

The primary Law was made on 2nd December 1971. The Family Law contains Family Law 28 – 2005, Family Law 11-1992, and Family Law 5-1985. This personal status Law has to manage every kind of matter e.g. Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Alimony etc. UAE Family Law is of two types. The First is as per Sharia Law where, and the second is for the non-Muslims. The Sharia Law is applicable to the Muslims, but the new law has also been passed and implemented in 2020, as Family Law Revisions that Family Law Court cases can also be managed other than the Sharia Law for those who belong to other religions or for those who got married in a different place than UAE. The point where the other Laws, will be silent, Sharia Law will be given the preference. For lodging the complaints, now one has to go to Al Adheed Centers, not to Family Courts. Previously the complaints were also used to be lodged in Family Courts, but now it will be started from Al Adheed Center. UAE Family Law beautifully covers all the areas of this Law including Marriage, Adoption, Child Custody, Property Inheritance, and more. Our Family Lawyers have a great knowledge of UAE Family Law therefore capable of delivering quality and result-oriented services. RAS Law Firm Advocates has a team of specialized Lawyers, best throughout in UAE.

Family Law Consultation

Individuals/Couples also join us just to grab the expert advice initially. A complaint is always lodged by the one party and reconciliation sessions are always attended by both parties before conciliator appointed by Family Court. Emirati Family Lawyers can only participate when a complaint is referred/forwarded to Family Court. Lack of Knowledge is another reason where people lose the case in court. Lawyers can’t appear at Court Level before it is started. Therefore, we suggest consulting the Emirati Lawyers and Family Law Legal Consultants first RAS Law Firm entertain the people in UAE by providing the best legal consultation. The Legal Consultation Fee is very reasonable and the services offered are the best in UAE, which is not offered by any other Law Firm. The quality services are guaranteed with trust.

Family Law Advocates & Legal Consultants

RAS Law Firm has a very good knowledge in providing family law and personal services to locals and expatriates. There are a large number of Muslim and Non-Muslims expatriates living in the UAE. For Non-Muslims, the Sharia Law is not applicable. Their religious and matrimonial Law is applicable to their personal status matters and disputes in Court. Therefore, the Family Lawyers, have to be the super expert of Family Laws, Sharia Laws, Personal Status Laws, etc. Our Law Office/Law Company has helped locals and expatriates in personal and domestic issues e.g. Marriage, Child Custody, Alimony, Divorce, Distribution of Assets, Guardianship, Allowance, etc. We proudly say that we are the most trusted and reliable Law Firm in providing Family Law Services where people living in UAE trust us as we do not spoil them or exploit them. Our motto is to provide quality services with the highest level of trust and reliability. Book your consultation session and consult our firm which is one of the Best Law Firms in UAE


Muslim Divorces are managed through Sharia Law. Sharia Law is applied to every person in the world who follows ISLAM. It does not matter he is Emirati or a Non-Emirati. As per Sharia Law if the Husband is a Muslim man and woman is not, then again priority will be awarded to Sharia Law.
For Non-Muslim Divorces, as per “Article 1 of the Federal Law No 28 of 2005″ for Personal Affairs”, parties can choose their native country law or the law where they got married. If their Law will not provide a suitable solution or is found silent then Sharia Law will replace it. Sharia Law will not be replacing the entire Law, it will only be replacing the portion indeed, where their native law will be silent.
For Amicable Divorce, people are confused and expect that Lawyers will finish in one week or a few days. Though a side agreement needs to be prepared, the Court Procedure has to be followed. It is required and necessary. Family Lawyers are responsible to explain the entire procedure and its results.

Alimony & Child Support

Alimony to wife and child support to children has to be paid if there is a divorce. It is decided as per the religion, as per the marriage place and as per the income level of the husband. Child Support includes children’s accommodation, travel, education, food and other life-related things. As per Sharia Law husband will have to provide the Nafaqah (Arabic: نَفَقَة). Therefore, if the NAFAQAH is not paid then it would be made part of Alimony. Article 66 UAE personal status law” Wife Alimony is up to husband ‘s obligation from the date he stops paying her. It is considered as a Debt by the Court or Judiciary. It can’t be removed or finished unless fully paid by the husband. Article 67 UAE personal status law” wife’s claim in court more than three years old will not be entertained”.

What We Offer in Drafting Agreements and Services

  • Written Legal Advice
  • Marriage Agreements
  • Side Agreements
  • Divorce Settlement Agreements
  • Documents Verification
  • Joint Property Agreements
  • Child Custody
  • Inheritance Agreements
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