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Various types of taxes are imposed by the government globally on businesses, individuals, and properties to generate revenue and provide basic social services to the public. It is difficult for every individual to understand tax matters especially their regulation by several government bodies. Tax evasion is a criminal offense and leads to severe punishment under many national laws globally. We advise our clients regarding legal provisions of tax laws in the UAE. Our legal team is providing full legal tax consultancy, opinions regarding commercial and civil matters, international taxation, business structuring, M & As, joint ventures, due diligence’s, payroll services, tax returns, tax audits, book and record keeping, commercial contracts.

We work by analyzing the needs of our clients, their working structures, and basic legal needs. Understanding where tax incentives provided by the government can help our clients if there is a regulatory compliance issues, we work to resolve the issue, tax audits firms consult with our experts to find grounds for evaluating tax returns and tax regulatory compliance. Besides that, we also provide sophisticated asset protection protecting your wealth from unknown risks.

Business owners need to have legal advice regarding the amount of income taxes they need to pay for that purpose we provide income tax calculation services helping businessmen survive in UAE, besides that our experts also provide financial services which help them to avoid double taxation by means of double tax treaties signed by UAE and other countries. During Dubai duty-free, many businessmen come here to sell their products, earn profits and leave. We are fully aware of the needs of such traveling businessmen and provide them tax-related help and assistance. Minimizing taxes in a legal way is a global business strategy that is fruitful for every business, we will help you do so.

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